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Published on December 27, 2011 By Phoenixboi In Personal Relationships

Wow it's been four years since I wrote anything here on JU. It seems like a lifetime ago. 

I guess a catch up is in order. 

Three years ago I went on a world trip. It started off in Argentina, upto New York over to Germany then to Spain down to Sicily seeing where my Mum comes from and then up to the main land to see where my Dad comes from. Then went to Thailand and back home. 

I came back home to the start of a relationship with a guy who I spent the next two years of my life with. I gave up my own place and moved in with him. We had a fun two years until it ended with him succumbing to his addiction of crystal meth. Realizing that this was an unhealthy relationship to be in I moved out, we both started on our own journeys with counseling. 

In March I broke my thumb and was off work for a few months. The doctors then found that I had developed osteoperosis due to a severe lack of Vitamin D, and probably due to the medication I am taking. I started counseling and decided it was time to deal with the sexual abuse I went through as a kid with the priests at my school. This has been a long and emotional process which I will write about later on. 

After breaking up with my partner I met another guy who I started to hang around. I didnt want another relationship so soon but he was determined and when I said no he stalked me, assaulted me and wrote off my car. I had him arrested and went through the courts to have him charged. After a few months battle he was fined heavily and an apprehended violence order placed against him. 

I was off work again due to stress from all the things that have been happening to me. Im back at work now and have been for the past few weeks, 

It's been an interesting journey this lifetime. I was reading through the past posts on here and it's great to see the things I have done and the direction my life has taken since starting way back in 2004 on here. 

Saying that I hope all the people I used to chat with on here are well and happy. I hope Christmas was a good one and I hope that 2012 brings lots of love and happiness for all. 


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