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December 27, 2011 by Phoenixboi
Wow it's been four years since I wrote anything here on JU. It seems like a lifetime ago. 

I guess a catch up is in order. 

Three years ago I went on a world trip. It started off in Argentina, upto New York over to Germany then to Spain down to Sicily seeing where my Mum comes from and then up to the main land to see where my Dad comes from. Then went to Thailand and back home. 

I came back home to the start of a relationship with a guy who I spent the next two years ...
August 27, 2008 by Phoenixboi
Tonight I feel really excited.


Next week is Spring. Which means that Im 8 months into my first year of my course. I've completed the second semester and last weekend finished my exams for the term. I think I did pretty well. I wont know until a couple of weeks, but Im really enjoying doing what Im doing now. There has been days where I haven't had the energy to get out of bed but I've done it, and now I've got 3 weeks break from school.

And guess what! On Sunday Im off to Thailan...
July 10, 2008 by Phoenixboi
In the next week Sydney will be overtaken by Catholics from around the planet as the pope and his ilk descend on our city for world youth day. Not only is this costing us 92 million tax payer dollars but it is also going to disrupt the entire city with road blocks and road closures. What has also happened is that our state government has passed laws which in effect take away the rights of the citizens of this city to protest. We are coming to know it as the 'Annoyance law". This means that if an...
May 21, 2008 by Phoenixboi
I was just checkingout all the newness on JoeUser when I saw that it has been 4 years today (well today my time) that I signed up a blog here. Wow that time has gone fast. But it seems like a whole lifetime has passed since then.

And so have the bloggers on JU.

I mean who can remember Madpoet and that dickhead Sir Peter? There was even a stage where I was having a flame war with LW, who I love heaps now.

I think since then I've been in a couple of relationships, jobs, moved house at l...
May 21, 2008 by Phoenixboi
Hi there guys.. It's been a while since I've posted anything here, although I do come in from time to time and have a read up on some people to see how they are going. I'm doing really well. Am back at school studying Herbal Medicine so have been real busy with study. I'm on a break at the moment for another week and while I'm on break I've been playing around with my camera at the beach down the road from where I live. Here are some of the pictures I took a couple of days ago.

January 15, 2007 by Phoenixboi
Yeah I nearly wet myself, with excitement!

Yesterday we had the great opportunity to check out the spectacular Comet that is in our skies at the moment. Comet McNaught. I have been reading how folks in the northern hemisphere have had a great show of this comet which wasn't supposed to be so bright. Now they are saying it is the brightest in 40 years, and to boot it is also a daytime comet which if you have the right equipment you can see it in the middle of the day.

So just as the Sun w...
January 9, 2007 by Phoenixboi
Today it has been revealed how something quite catastrophic has happened in the town of Esperance in Western Australia. It has really shocked me that something like this has happened. It is a really sad event which has played on my mind all day.

I did a little research into the town of Esperance and it's history and found that the town derives it's name from the ship which first landed there in 1792, L'Esperance which sought shelter from a storm. The name Esperance has been closely translate...
January 3, 2007 by Phoenixboi
Is it 2007 already?

I dunno about you but to me it really doesn't feel like a new year has begun. The Summer has been cooler, I haven't been for a real swim as yet and things just dont seem right here down under.

It's funny how everything around you determines the way you feel on the inside.

Recently I turned 34. My hair is starting to get glimpses of grey and the lines on my face are starting to show. Funny how I didnt think that would ever eventuate.

I'm still here though and I...
July 27, 2006 by Phoenixboi
Pray to whoever you kneel down to:
Jesus nailed to his wooden or marble or plastic cross,
his suffering face bent to kiss you,
Buddha still under the Bo tree in scorching heat,
Adonai, Allah, raise your arms to Mary
that she may lay her palm on our brows,
to Shekinhah, Queen of Heaven and Earth,
to Inanna in her stripped descent.
Hawk or Wolf, or the Great Whale, Record Keeper
of time before, time now, time ahead, pray. Bow down
to terriers and shepherds and siamese cats....
July 13, 2006 by Phoenixboi
A few months ago I posted an article on here in great rage (just like any queen would do). I was angry, outraged that certain events lead to banishment from this site people that I highly respect.

I know it really had nothing to do with me, but I was so angry because this forum was a place that my friends in my opinion use as an outlet from alot of pain and suffering that come from the lives they live. When it was no longer made available to them or rather when curcimstances arose which led ...
March 2, 2006 by Phoenixboi
Nothing in this world comes for free.

That's right read it..NOTHING.
You all think that JU is free and wonderful. Well I have news for you. It isn't.

I bet the first thing that comes to mind is money when I say free, right?

Well as most people are now aware LW and her Husband have left JU for good. I applaud LW for her decision to never blog here again, she has shown you all what cowards and hypocrites most of you all really are.

What you have given away in the last few day...
July 27, 2005 by Phoenixboi
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June 13, 2005 by Phoenixboi
Take this test.. You scored as Hinduism. Your views are most similar to those of... Hinduism! Do some research on Hinduism and possibly consider becoming Hindu, if you aren't already.










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June 13, 2005 by Phoenixboi
Wanna know what you would look like if you were a Souh Park character?

Then check out this link.. Link

Here is me..

Cool hey!
June 12, 2005 by Phoenixboi
Im a big fan of South Park. This is how Im feeling today ..