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Virgin Blue ..oh how blue!
Published on February 20, 2005 By Phoenixboi In Current Events
Well Im still in Melbourne.

I was supposed to be flying out today and heading back home. I did some shopping in the morning and made my way to the airport. I had said goodbye to Melbourne for the time being. Anyhow when I got to the airport it was chaos. There were firebrigades and police and men dressed up in space suits everywhere. Typically in an emergency situation everyone except the passengers knew what was going on and there was nothing broadcast or no one to tell anyone what was happening.

Apparently there has been a chemical spill at the terminal and everyone was evactuated. Forty Five people have been taken to hospital and there is still no word on what the source of the leak has been or what it was. Basically nothing. Link

So I wondered around the airport until I could find someone to tell me what was going on. There was no staff around, nooone. So I went outside again and managed to talk to some other irate passengers who informed me what they had been told. Basically that there were no flights leaving from the Virgin airport terminal until further notice and that everyone should go back home and re book their flights.

I almost broke down and cried. I was so looking forward to getting home today and seeing my mate. Not only that I was supposed to be working tomorrow. So now I miss a days pay, and have to rescedule everything. So now Im back in the city, and have rebooked my flight for tomorrow, hoping that the terminal will be re opened and nothing will happen to keep it closed.
Someone had asked the police if it had anything to do with terrorists. They wouldnt answer.
It's hot, im frustrated and I want to be home. See how things always change! written in the sand .. i jinxed myself.

on Feb 21, 2005
developing news...

now they dont think it was a chemical leak.. but some mystry illness...thats great! ...hmmm


on Feb 21, 2005
This just in from CNN:


on Feb 21, 2005

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on Feb 21, 2005
Wow, I didnt' hear about this - I didn't listen to the news much this weekend. Was that when it happened? Sorry you missed your flight but at least you're ok and no one died? Don't despair on missing your flight too much Phoenix, it might have been for the best. Hope you get there soon though.
on Feb 21, 2005
Hey forever... it happened yesterday Monday. Im up already its like 630am here in Melbourne. Im gonna have to get there early considering people are already lining up and causing a scene. Link

There are many angry passengers. Im lucky that I had a place to come back to otherwise I would still be at the airport sleepng on the floor. The way the officials have treated people and their lack of responses was absolutely poor.

What if something much more serious had happened??

What reaction would the australian authorities have then??
on Feb 21, 2005
MM, so I read from your links. As usual the travelling public never gets good treatment from the airlines when things like this happens. Well, hope your travels won't be too harrassing. Safe travels!