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Published on March 24, 2005 By Phoenixboi In Blogging
Planted a tree...

Felt the suns rays...

Hugged a stranger...

Said you were sorry ...

and felt your heart beating...

on Mar 24, 2005

I planted some rose bushes last week, does that count?

I sat in the sunshine on sunday and basked in the warmth and beauty that she provided.

I hugged my new friend Earl when he came to see me after his wife had passed away...and although we were strangers when we embraced, we were friends when we parted.

I said I was sorry today....and I meant it.  But, the person I want to say sorry to the most...well, I don't think that they're exactly open to my apology.

I feel my heart beating right now as I sit here.....

on Mar 24, 2005

it all counts.

and your soul is enriched by it all.
on Mar 24, 2005
Never, so far as I know.

When I walked across the quad for lunch

Who hugs strangers? I hardly ever hug my friends. Which isn't to say I don't engage in appropriate physical contact, with varying levels of intimacy, on a regular basis.

The last time I pissed off my wife, which was this morning, I believe.

Earlier today. I had a free moment, so I leaned back in my chair, splayed my palm across my chest, and felt my heartbeat. It's a habit I've picked up recently.

I gotta get on that tree-planting thing, though. Thanks for the tip!
on Mar 26, 2005
Hey there Stutefish!

thanks for stopping by.. and please do get to planting that tree!