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Published on March 18, 2005 By Phoenixboi In Blogging
While not being able to sleep last night I had the television on.

I've done this many time recently due to the fact that the Efavrenz is keeping me awake more or maybe it is the increase in Oxygen to my brain because of the lack of cigarettes..

Anyhow, there really was not anything worth watching, so I decided to amuse myself and watch the telemarketing ads that seem to invade the television at the wee hours of the morning. Oh My God! Does anyone really watch these programs? I mean is there people sitting there with their telephones close by ready to dial the numbers given for the crap that they are trying to sell?

And what about the people they have lined up selling them! I couldnt think of anything worse than talking about crap trying to induce some poor late night watcher to buy everything from foam pillows to fake diamontee earings that "you just got to have!"

Come on now confess to me.. have you ever sat up and watched these teleinfomercials, actually brought something and liked what you got?

on Mar 18, 2005
I've been up watching other stuff and change channels and happen to stop on an infomercial for a few. Usually worth a laugh Never bought anything, never even thought about buying anything.
on Mar 18, 2005
Hey Danny.. yeah they are bizarre though dont you think?
on Mar 18, 2005
I bought my set of Wear-Ever cookware from "paid advertising." I've still got them, and they just might outlast me. Cheers, and thanks for the list in your favorite blogs. That's a first (that I've seen anyway.) On the topic. I remember one of those paid programs about a yard composting drum. I'm in the market for one. Moving to the country with a puppy. Composting is serious business. (hugs)
on Mar 19, 2005
I've still got them, and they just might outlast me.

Well here's hoping that wont be the case...

Cheers, and thanks for the list in your favorite blogs.

My pleasure! Great to see someone else on the same journey and bloggin about it..
Composting is serious business. (hugs)

Sure is! Composting is an excellent way to make great soil! Hugs back at ya!