The Purpose of Life is to Live it..not to spend all of it searching for the purpose. Live Live Live like every second was your last.
Published on December 4, 2004 By Phoenixboi In Blogging
There is a lesson I am learning in this lifetime. At the moment it is hitting home really hard.

In the end no matter who you have around you or how much you give of yourself, your alone. Noone or nothing can truly understsnd how you might feel inside or experience what you have experienced in this lifetime.

Aloneness is all we have.

on Dec 04, 2004

P, there is no 'I', no 'self', therefore we are never alone.

Everything's impermanent aloneness, if it really exists, isn't going to last very long.

And YOU are never alone anyway.  You've always got me.....don't make me get the handbag out.

on Dec 04, 2004
Feeling of the moment are so wrong. I learned that from personal experience... when all the cards are down there is always someone to pick them up. Anyone that is truly alone is that way by choice.
on Dec 04, 2004
Hey Dharma..Mano.. not lonely.. just alone. Im not feeling bad or anything like that, it is just a lesson that I am learning that if you cannot be happy being alone, with yourself, then you really cannot behappy with anyone else.

Things that would normally really upset me in the past arent upsetting me now. I chatted with you Dharma about whats been happening, and you know right now I feel a sense of peace because I know I am who I am and really there isnt anything we can do about other people or what is going on with their lives, we can be there, listen and try and help but in the end it is each and everyone of us that makes the choices, the decisions to live the way that we live.